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About sports psychology

Sports psychology is an interdisciplinary scientific field that deals with the influence of psychological factors on sports achievements and the overall development of athletes. It covers areas such as motivation, concentration, stress management, mental preparation, building self-confidence, as well as dealing with failures and successes. By using a variety of methods and techniques, he helps athletes achieve optimal results, develop mental skills and cope with the challenges of training and competition.

If you want to achieve success in sports not only through physical training, but also by developing psychological skills, sports psychology may be a key element of your development.


Improving sports performance
The ability to set appropriate goals
Better coping with stress
Increased motivation
Greater self-confidence
Dealing with failure
Building a well-coordinated team
Better management of concentration
Building a starting routine


About us


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What we offer


200 zł/1 godz.

dla zespołu

350 zł/1,5 godz.

Online session
in english

55 eur/ 1 hr


200 zł/1 godz.

Trening relaksacyjny/
koncentracji online

150 zł/30 min

Umów spotkanie

Arranging meetings

To arrange an appointment, you will be redirected to the booking page.

After booking your date, you will receive all necessary information regarding location and payment by e-mail.

Player recommendations


I started working with Olga a few weeks before one of the most important events in the beach soccer community - World Winner Cup 2019. During this time, she taught me several psychological techniques that helped me deal with stress, lack of self-confidence and unnecessary thinking during this tournament. getting negative thoughts out of your head. She showed how much depends on my regenerated body and relaxed head. I think that there will come a time when I will need her help and I will be happy to turn to Olga.

Dagmara Suskiewicz
Vice-champion of the beach soccer world

My cooperation with Olga began in the Budowlani Łódź team. Thanks to Olga's work, the team was fully determined to achieve one goal.

In the most important and difficult moments of the season, the psychological techniques developed with Olga allowed us to cool down and cut ourselves off from external stimuli while continuing to fight for victory. Individually, during the greatest pressure and the weakest moments, Olga helped us get back on track! Great person, great interlocutor, full professionalism!

David Plichta
Player of the Polish National Team and Masterpharm Budowlani SA

You can train endlessly. Torture your body with subsequent sets and repetitions... and not get closer to your intended goal. This goal is harmony and balance between a trained body and a focused and calm head. Thanks to working with Olga, I came closer to my goal and completed the biggest challenge in my life - 40 km swimming. I know that my work with Olga will continue. If you are serious about sports, this person will be one of your greatest allies. Over time, your head will also become such an ally.

Adam Jerzykoski
Swimmer / Swim For a Dream Foundation

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